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Find the amount of salary needed to lend a sum of 150, 1000 euros in the context of the mortgage.

In order to borrow from the bank, the particular borrower must have fixed earnings and a sustainable employment agreement, especially when it comes to a mortgage. Merely, its borrowing will be restricted in relation to its debt capability, it is fixed based on the guideline of 33% of profits.

This means that children can borrow up to 33% of their income

This means that a household can borrow up to 33% of its income

that is the recommended threshold simply by banks and especially financial institutions. Therefore, to be able to borrow 150 1000 euros, it is necessary to have a particular salary, according to the duration associated with repayment chosen. The lengthier the duration, the lower the particular monthly payment, and vice versa.

Calculate the particular salary to borrow 150000 euros

Calculate the salary to borrow 150000 euros

This desk shows the minimum quantity of salary to be able to borrow the sum of the 150, 000 euros towards the bank over periods associated with 10, 15, 20, twenty-five and 30 years.

This monthly payment does not consider the cost of credit and connected costs. It is, therefore, essential to perform a credit simulation considering these data to obtain a month-to-month estimate close to reality.

Calculate the exact quantity of salary needed

Calculate the exact amount of salary needed

The particular table above presents an easy calculation approach to define most of a monthly payment in relation to the particular project of 150, 500 euros. However, this estimation does not take into account the rate as well as the credit charges, which is why you should carry out a credit simulation, which allows having a monthly payment determined according to its real scenario.

This allows simultaneously to check if the project will be feasible given the information supplied. The mortgage simulation is totally free and without commitment.

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