A gift guide for your stylish stoner friend


Weed-themed giveaways have historically fallen into gag giveaway territory, and while I love a cheesy moment, it’s refreshing to see artists and designers starting to treat cannabis with a bit of reverence. as a way to better reflect the relationships people have with this plant. As editor-in-chief of Broccoli magazine, I know there is a great diversity among cannabis enthusiasts — there isn’t just one “type” of cannabis lover, which is why it’s so exciting to see articles on the topic. cannabis that appeals to our other sensibilities and interests. Personally, I find that weed is a vector for other things, it propels me into a creative and expansive state of mind. I love being able to represent this aspect of my relationship to weed through objects, scents, books and all that is beautiful and fun that taps into my senses and encourages an engaging experience.

You won’t find THC or CBD in this guide, because I believe that enjoying cannabis shouldn’t be limited to consumption. As the plant continues on its path to normalization, it unlocks a vast potential for expression that connects the herb with other creative parts of life. Below you will find gift ideas for weeds who love art, food, design, nature, literature, fashion, home decor and more.

1. A beautiful bang

The ancient art of ceramics and smoking come together with bongs from Minh Le Studio, made by a fifth-generation Vietnamese ceramist, now based in Los Angeles.

Minh Le Studio blue vines

2. A flower-inspired coffee table book

The THC-producing part of the cannabis plant is the flower, and A weed is a flower celebrates weed and flowers of all kinds through artful cannabis photography. This book resonates with all who believe that the cannabis plant deserves to be seen through a prism of beauty and admiration.

3. A weed tote bag

Sure you got a million tote bags, but do you have a grass handbag? The Sundae School’s playful take on cannabis fashion is a relaxing entry point into the world of cannabis. If you’re lucky enough to live in California, fill the tote with their gummy mochi edibles before you gift them (but keep a few for yourself).

4. A sneaky water bottle

Cannabis has at least 1,200 code names, which allows people to communicate on the sly about their favorite plant. This Studio A-OK Water Bottle with Devil’s Lettuce is perfect for anyone who enjoys doing their farmer’s market groceries after a bong rip.

Studio A-OK Devil’s Lettuce Nalgene Bottle

5. A jacket with a message

Women-owned businesses need to be represented in the cannabis world, and this Buy Weed From Women jacket is a perfect double hit for your stylish friends who care about fairness and equality. Bonus points if you give the jacket with a copy of Black girl call home, written by By Weed From Women founder Jasmine Mans.

6. A scent note

A candle to get high, smash on the stove.

Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle

7. An avant-garde look on the grass

Explore the current cannabis scene through the lens of brand design and packaging, with founder interviews and bonus essays on the history of weed throughout.

High in design: the new cultivation of cannabis by Gestalten and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

8. A dazzled leaf

Fashion and cannabis are just starting to meet each other, and this collaborative rhinestone pin from Stevie and Collina Strada is a perfect marriage in stoner heaven.

Stevie x Collina Strada silver hemp leaf rhinestone pin

9. A culinary apparatus

For kitchen adventures, Ardent’s home brewer can brew cannabis oils and butters at home. Associate it with a copy of The art of cannabis butter, by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, for tasty recipes that will work with (or without) herbal teas.

Ardent FX decarboxylators

10. A gardening guide

Growing cannabis (hemp included) is growing in popularity, and this photo-packed guide will inspire anyone with a green thumb to get started in cultivation.

Growing Weed in the Garden: A Simple Seed-to-Reserve Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Growing by Johanna Silver

11. A friendly moment

Textile designer Katherine Plumb created the subtle cannabis-inspired art for this woven blanket for Broccoli, making it easier to switch from the couch potato mode from seasonal depression to seasonal expression.

Broccoli x Katherine Plumb weed blanket

12. A fancy rolling paper

Thin and delicate, these rose-patterned rolling papers could inspire a whole cannabis-themed cottagecore aesthetic.

Personalized printed organic rolling papers kit Papers and inks

13. A necessary tool

Lighters are meant to be lost. Could Chen Chen and Kai Williams have the solution? Protect your mini Bic lighter in style with this KARA collaborative keychain.

Lighter holder CCKW Serpent 2018

14. A chic way to smoke

A glass seal holder is a smart all-rounder: aside from being delicate and chic, it’s also a great way to avoid the lingering aroma of burnt crutch paper on your fingertips.

ChaCha Chainz glass holder

15. A special delivery

Say it with flowers, and more flowers. Send a dried or fresh flower arrangement from Lovepot, including dried CBD buds.

Love Pot Just Chill dried smoking bouquet

16. A surprising plant

What if weed could be a houseplant? Pot Plant’s fake cannabis plants allow you to get the look without the blame, or the fragrant leaves. A perfect gift for the person whose green thumb starts and ends with their ability to roll a perfect joint.

Pot Plant 16 inches teenager in white pot

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