Attorney General Tong cracked down on illegal cannabis advertising in Connecticut


Connecticut (WTNH) – If you’ve been driving along the highway in Connecticut lately, you’ve probably noticed some big billboards trying to get you to Massachusetts to buy marijuana.

Even though marijuana is legal for recreational use here in Connecticut, heads of state say these signs are not legal and should be removed.

Attorney General William Tong is going after dispensaries and billboard companies to stop this.

“You can see this one says ‘Destination Cannabis’ with a little map pointing to Massachusetts on the right side,” Tong explained.

He says that with the new law that was passed here in July, it is legal for people aged 21 and over to possess a small amount of recreational marijuana, but it is not legal to do so. Cannabis advertising in Connecticut unless you know 90% of your audience is over 21.

“We don’t want large adult billboards targeting children just like we don’t want tobacco companies targeting children. We don’t want JUUL and the vaping companies to target kids and we don’t want marijuana dispensaries targeting kids.

He says they have contacted billboard companies and dispensaries directly with mixed results. He says those who continue to break the law will continue to hear him.

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