Bristol plans pot sales | News from local businesses


Detrick said there was no definition in the city’s zoning code for a cannabis distribution establishment – meaning that, if applied for, he would apply for a use permit. similar. Under the current code, a distribution facility could be located in any non-residential area.

“It is also possible that a cannabis distribution center will expand its operations to sell marijuana once it is legalized in 2024,” Detrick said. “We don’t know what it will look like, but it’s something the staff think we’d like to get ahead of.

“In a nutshell, if a cannabis distribution center came to town, we would have very little control over where it could go – pretty much any non-residential area – without any control if you wanted to. keep away from certain land uses, schools, [places] like that, ”Detrick said.

Danville and Portsmouth recently adopted similar measures, Detrick said.

No such case has been applied to the city, Detrick said, but one inquired.

Former Mayor Ed Harlow and Jacob Holmes will be on the subcommittee.

In another action, Commission Chairman Daniel Shew and Member Susan Long agreed to fill similar roles on a subcommittee tasked with developing an ordinance governing the operation of short-term residential rentals, such as via Airbnb.

“The city has no such ordinance to govern these types of rentals and no means of enforcement… to collect lodging taxes,” Detrick said.

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