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DENVER (CBS4)– The city of Denver has accepted its first application for a license to deliver cannabis. Denver City Council approved a measure allowing medical and recreational deliveries within city limits earlier this year. The city began accepting applications on June 23.

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Ari and Karina Cohen are on a mission to end cannabis prohibition, one jurisdiction at a time. Their application for a non-establishment carrier license was the first to be accepted.

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“We will be able to partner with Denver area stores and other stores where jurisdictions allow, to deliver cannabis products directly to consumers’ homes,” Ari said.

Their company, Doobba, could become Denver’s premier marijuana delivery service.

“We make it possible for people, who don’t necessarily want to be seen or associated with cannabis, to be delivered and to enjoy the products,” said Karina. “Many more people will have access to cannabis and our goal for Doobba is to end the ban on cannabis.”

Karina says the delivery of cannabis is a big step forward, but the process has not been easy. The couple’s dream is to deliver the same brand-responsible substance on Ari’s dossier.

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“Cannabis has caused me a lot of trouble and now it’s giving me opportunities,” Ari said.

Decades ago, Ari was arrested for possession of marijuana in another state. His record allowed him to qualify for the state’s social equity program.

Decades of criminal enforcement of marijuana laws have created inequalities in the cannabis industry. A person who meets the criteria for a social equity licensee can participate in the division’s “accelerator program” or can apply to own and operate a regulated marijuana business license.

“We are truly grateful to the mayor and governor for putting these policies in place that allow us to start our business,” Ari said. “I think that’s a lesson I take from it. Sometimes adversity brings opportunities.

They still have a few steps left, such as inspections, before they can start their delivery business. In the meantime, the couple want to mentor other social equity candidates throughout the process.

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Based on the number of questions the city has received recently, it expects to receive many more applications in the coming days.

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