Emerging St. Joseph’s medical marijuana business flourishes



(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) The medical marijuana industry is trying to find its way through St. Joseph as product sales hit record highs in Missouri.

Missouri legalized medical cannabis in 2018. The state began selling the product in October 2020. During the last ten months from October to July, sale of medical marijuana rose from approximately $ 350,000 to $ 91.36 million, an increase of 26,000%.

July saw its highest sales month at $ 21.03 million, the first time sales topped $ 20 million.

The numbers show that the fledgling business is growing rapidly, as is St. Joseph.

“We had a big line on the first day we opened which was super awesome. I think it was a Wednesday so in the middle of the week having such a big crowd just waiting for us to be here was a really special thing, ”said Jericho Heese, Marketing Director for Fresh Karma Dispensaries.

Saint-Joseph goes green.

This year, the city saw the emergence of two medical marijuana joints: Vertical Enterprise and Fresh Karma.

Fresh Karma was the first dispensary to open in town, and Vertical Enterprise was the first and only growing and manufacturing facility in St. Joseph. Vertical also opened a dispensary this summer on the Belt Highway.

“The stigma surrounding marijuana is disappearing. We have all types of people who walk into this store. All kinds of ages, coming from all kinds of backgrounds and doing all kinds of jobs, ”said Chris McHugh, CEO and President of Vertical Enterprise. .

The two companies join a list of 29 grow facilities, 141 dispensaries and 38 manufacturers approved by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to date.

As the industry continues to grow with around 135,000 patients state licensed so far, local experts said cannabis would be easier to obtain and soon.

“St. Joseph can look forward to a recreational legal framework. I think it will probably happen next year. I think the Missourians are going to vote on it and I think they are going to pass it overwhelmingly. This is just the start and I think St. Joseph has a very nice foundation. We can grow from here, “said McHugh.

Since August 20, there are 379 licensed medical marijuana facilities in Missouri.


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