ERTH Hemp Announces Rebranding to ERTH Wellness To Offer

Irvine, Calif., June 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Irvine, California, June 2022: ERTH Hemp will rebrand to ERTH Wellness to offer hemp-derived products more focused on health and well-being. The rebranding reflects the company’s growth as it has become a leading producer of essential products derived from the cannabis plant. Readers can learn more by visiting ERTH Hemp.

CBD-infused products are among the most requested products in the wellness industry. It’s one of the hottest trends in wellness right now, ranging from gummies to tinctures to creams. CBD products have proven to be an effective remedy for conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, stress and muscle aches, whether mental or physical. ERTH Wellness aims to refocus its product line on its specialty health and wellness products; the Delta-8 THC range, to help people suffering from common ailments.

Seed-to-sale manufacturer ERTH Wellness is one of the few vertically integrated companies in the cannabis industry. From seed propagation and growth to harvesting and extraction, every aspect of their production is controlled. In this product model, they have full control over their raw material costs, giving them the ability to offer competitive pricing to all customers, along with full transparency from start to finish. Having gained recognition in the industry, the company’s rebranding reflects its growth and expansion over the past few years.

“Using the insights we’ve gained over the past four years, we’re rethinking our product line and giving it a complete overhaul,” a company spokesperson said. “We want to share our knowledge of the benefits of hemp with the world. Knowing what is good for your health and well-being is liberating. Health decisions can be made more effectively when you know more about them. The company will change its name to ERTH Wellness and reinvent its product line to focus on the health and wellness aspects of CBD.

Since the company’s inception, it has grown to provide customers with a full range of CBD products aimed at improving health and well-being. According to ERTH Wellness, their CBD specialists offer high-quality CBD products designed with health and safety as a priority; “ERTH Wellness offers a diverse selection of Delta-8 THC products in its online cannabis store, whether you want to relieve pain or stress, improve mood or increase energy,” a spokesperson said. To learn more about their Delta-8 THC products, how they can help, and how to choose the best end product, readers can visit their page:

One of the most popular products is their HHC Gummies. In addition to HHC gummies, ERTH Wellness also offers other high quality HHC oil products, such as HHC vape cartridges, HHC broad spectrum oil, HHC vapes and HHC extract. CBD specialists aim to use the Delta-8 THC online store to help people find the right CBD for them. Readers can get more information on this by visiting their page:

Over the past few years, the company’s growth has made it one of the leading suppliers of CBD products. In addition to gummies and disposable vapes, Delta-8 THC products include tinctures, capsules, and tinctures. Using these products offers a variety of ways to experience the benefits of Delta-8 THC, including pain relief, stress management, and improved sleep. According to the ERTH Wellness Team, they remain committed to their brand and believe the change represents the direction the company is taking.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD products and the many products that can help them along the way, readers can find full details of the services and resources available by visiting ERTH Wellness.


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