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WASHINGTON, August 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sheri orlowitz, Founder and President of the Federal Cannabis Regulatory Council (CFCR), today announced the appointment of Sarah A. Chase as the first of the organization Executive director. A long-time champion of mission-oriented and social impact programs, Chase brings direction, focus and motivation to the Council’s mission to educate, advocate, communicate and support the creation of federal laws and regulations. enlightened, intelligible and inclusive for the cannabis industry.

“My vision for the CFCR is to ensure that we become – and always will be – the most trusted and collaborative resource for federal regulatory agencies, Congress, the White House and diverse stakeholders in the world. within the cannabis industry, ”said Chase. . “CFCR has been carefully structured to be the most reliable channel through which information, knowledge and accurate scientific information and research can be shared to ensure a safe and legal regulatory channel. CFCR will educate, advocate and communicate with honesty, efficiency and integrity. “

For nearly two decades, Chase worked primarily with start-ups in the media, broadcast and communications fields. She has held various positions of COO, CFO, Communication and Business Development and has worked closely with management teams in United States, Europe and Asia translate high level visions into realized corporate entities.

From 2016 to 2020, Chase was COO of Alan Alda’s Communication Training Company (ACT), mentor to the legendary actor, screenwriter and director while helping to introduce the world to his proven methods of improvisation and communication. Working closely with Alda, Chase established the first public-private partnership (PPP) with the State University of New York (SUN). The company went from zero to more than $ 2.5 million of net profit in the first two years. As a result of this growth and success, Alda has achieved its dream of donating the profits directly to the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony stream University, to advance the best communication of science.

As executive producer, screenwriter and voice over artist for Alda’s Clear + Vivid podcasts, Chase has produced over 100 episodes generating over 15 million downloads. The lineup included distinguished guests such as Tom hanks, Paul McCartney, Julie andrews, Madeline Albright, Tina Fey, Michael j fox, Judge Judy, Isabelle Rossellini and others.

Chase previously led communications and media training workshops for several corporate clients as well as the United Nations, NASA, Nature Conservancy and various Shark Tank events. She was a member of the executive committee of the National Small Business Association in Washington DC and was a panelist and consultant for the Global Coalition for Aging at the Council on Foreign Relations. Earlier in her career, she worked in both London and Frankfurt, advising a wide range of clients and businesses. She has also been a featured political commentator on Sky News and BBC Radio.

“Sarah’s expertise in communications, fundraising and business development uniquely qualifies her for this role,” said Orlowitz. “His passion for justice and social causes fits perfectly with the overall mission of the Council. “

For more information, please visit uscfcr.org.


The Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR) is a 501 (c) (3) and 501 (c) (4) nonprofit that serves as a forum in which stakeholders – both the federal government and the industry – can analyze and support the creation of informed, understandable and inclusive federal laws and regulations to govern the cannabis industry. CFCR exists to educate, defend and communicate. For more information, please visit www.uscfcr.org and follow us on social media @USCFCR.


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