Medical Cannabis Dispensary Apps Available For Sioux Falls



SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – Medical Marijuana Dispensary Apps are now available in Sioux Falls. The three-page application is available online and describes exactly what potential owners need to do to own and operate a store in Sioux Falls.

Prospective medical marijuana dispensary owners got their first glimpse of the application process this week in Sioux Falls. The city wanted to spread the demand so that those interested could embark on what could be a complicated process.

For example, future owners must undergo a background check. It might take some time.

They should also come up with a business security plan and an odor control plan. The road to a medical marijuana license in Sioux Falls is going to be long, stunted, and inexpensive.

Applicants must provide two separate checks: one for $ 25,000 for the application fee and another for $ 50,000 for the license fee.

“The application window will be soon,” said City Attorney Stacy Kooistra.

He says they continue to work closely with the state to make everything right.

“We want to make sure when we open the window that everything is in place so that it is again such a safe and fair process for everyone,” Kooistra said.

Emmet Reistroffer will be one of those people who fill out an application. He says he’s talking to city officials to make sure people with a lot of money can’t file multiple claims for one location. He thinks closing that loophole could drop the possible apps from hundreds to 20 or 30.

“If you’re serious and have good plans in place, I want everyone to have a good level playing field, we don’t want it all down to who has the most money, gets the most. raffle tickets we would like to see a limit so everyone can have a chance on it and if you are lucky you get a license and move out

Kooistra says that once the entries are secure, the lottery will take place at some point, likely through a random draw process. In the end, 5 companies, the limit set by the city council, will be authorized to distribute medical marijuana in the city of Sioux Falls.

If you would like to see an app, they are available on the city’s website.


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