Mernova, a subsidiary of Creso Pharma Ltd, rakes AU $ 800,000 in new orders for artisanal cannabis products


Recurring orders from Canadian provincial partners highlight consumer demand for Mernova’s line of premium products.

The wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of (,) Mernova secured new purchase orders valued at AU $ 808,572 (CA $ 742,572) for its premium indoor-grown, hand-trimmed, artisanal cannabis products. hand, hand-dried, cured and cured from bulk supply and provincial partners.

Several repeat orders totaling over AU $ 580,000 (CA $ 535,533) have been received from Mernova’s Canadian provincial partners, including Cannabis NB, Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, Yukon Liquor Corporation and Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation.

The strong interest follows a busy year for Mernova, during which she launched several new products and received the Craft designation by the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Generate traction

Mernova chief executive Jack Yu said the increase in sales revenue was in line with the company’s plan to become the leader in artisanal cannabis products.

“Recent purchase orders from provincial partners and bulk suppliers demonstrate the traction we are generating in the Canadian market,” he said.

“We continue to receive very good customer feedback on our line of dried flowers and pre-rolled joint products, which is leading to consumer adoption. “

“Work to introduce new strains, innovative products and expand our footprint in Canada continues and I have no doubts that Mernova will continue to generate sales growth. “

Product request

Mernova continues to see strong interest in its line of dried flowers and pre-rolled joints, Ritual Sticks, from these provincial partners, and is actively exploring the potential to expand its line with them.

In July, Mernova introduced 14 new strains under its established Ritual Greens brands, and it anticipates sales of these to new and existing partners in the coming months.

The Ritual Sticks range offers products for people who don’t know how to roll their own joints, or simply prefer the convenience of having their joints pre-rolled for them.

The pre-roll cannabis segment is a large addressable market for Mernova and also serves as an entry-level product that allows consumers to try Mernova’s high-quality strains at an affordable and attractive price.

-Daniel Paproth

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