Nipawin plans to allow cannabis stores in highway commercial district


Nipawin council passed on first reading a zoning bylaw change that would allow cannabis stores in the city’s highway commercial district.

This is the first part of the three readings, which will give residents the opportunity to give their opinion before council fully passes the amendments.

According to the report to the council, there is interest in opening a cannabis retail store in the highway shopping district.

However, when council initially amended the zoning by-law to allow cannabis retail stores, the administration recommended that council consider the highway commercial district in the future. As a result, cannabis shops were only allowed in the downtown shopping district.

Regardless of the neighborhood, the store should be located 50 meters from preschools, daycares, schools, parks, playgrounds, public recreational uses, community centers and commercial recreational uses.

“The public will have the opportunity to make comments, whether for or against, or just general comments as they see fit,” said Barry Elliott, director of Nipawin. “This will be taken into account before we move this matter forward or stop the process. ”

Elliott said the next reading would likely take place in September with public notice given.

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