One of two anti-marijuana petitions misses deadline | Local News


One of the two anti-marijuana groups circulating petitions in Graham County missed the August 5 deadline, said Hannah Duderstadt, Graham County Chief Electoral Officer.

In July, a Peoria-based organization calling itself “Protect Graham County, No Drugs” filed demands and began distributing two petitions. A petition asked voters if they wanted to hold a referendum on the November 2022 ballot that would reverse a zoning change allowing Bayacan to grow marijuana when it purchased two NatureSweet greenhouses in Bonita. The other petition calls for the approval of a ballot measure calling for the imposition of an occupancy permit fee of $ 1,000 for businesses that cultivate cannabis and $ 1,000 for every pound of cannabis or cannabis per. product sold or transferred.

A second group calling itself “Respect the will of the people,” also called for signatures for a referendum on the supervisors’ decision. The group easily missed the August 5 deadline and produced 2,288 signatures, far more than the 1,064 signatures they were expected to collect.

Duderstadt said she reviews each petition to ensure it is properly completed and the referendum is joined. Once done, Graham County Recorder Wendy John will begin verifying the signatures on the petition.

“Protect Graham County, No to Drugs” has until July 2022 to submit its other petition. They need 1,596 signatures.

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