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Concentrated marijuana use by Colorado high school students, among the first to legalize the drug, has increased 138% since 2015. In the past four years, liquid marijuana use has quintupled and vaping has doubled.

With such ultra-potent forms of the drug being promoted by the industry, calls to poison control centers for marijuana exposure increased 112% after legalization in Colorado – and 140% in Massachusetts.

The harm continues to grow. Use by Colorado children under the age of 15 has increased 15% over the past two years – and 20% or more in California, Nevada and Oregon, according to federal data.

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On freeways, fatal traffic crashes in which drivers tested positive for marijuana have doubled since legalization in Colorado and Washington.

Meanwhile, the big tobacco companies have invested billions of dollars in the marijuana industry, preparing to take control of it. She and the alcohol industry expect huge profits from the massive commercialization of this drug, which is addictive for 10% of users.

Academic health and addiction experts have strongly insisted that while senators move forward with creating a national marijuana industry, the legislation includes the following regulations to reduce its harms:

• Limit the potency of marijuana to 10% to 15%;

• Prohibit or severely limit the advertising of the drug;

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