Public hearing scheduled for weed sales in the village


The Village of Garden City plans to hold a public hearing on whether to allow “cannabusiness” to operate in the village. The public hearing follows New York State’s legalization of marijuana for adult recreation on April 30 and the state’s recent establishment of a Cannabis Control Board to regulate the new industry.

At the Garden City board meeting on October 7, Administrator John Delany suggested that the village hold a public hearing on the issue of recreational marijuana and “cannabusiness” within the village boundaries. .

“I think we have until December 31, 2021 to refuse to have (permit) businesses and marijuana stores with differentiations and classifications. I would like the board to have a public hearing on this so that if we decide to step down, the public hearing will be held and the village can come up with an appropriate law as our village attorney (Peter Bee) has already started working on this. The problem is, if we don’t back down and like the regulations proposed by New York State, I think after December 31 of this year we wouldn’t have the option to back out. Said Delany. He called it a measure designed to “protect us”.

Administrator Delany clarified his position on the withdrawal following a public hearing by stating that if the village of Garden City decides to “withdraw” from allowing types of cannabusiness, the village government then considers that the laws and regulations would suit the village. , “We can always change the law and allow stores / businesses in Garden City”.

Delany’s announcement was followed 13 days later by a press release on the Garden City Village website, suggesting that the board meeting on Thursday, November 4, 2021 would be the date for the public hearing. The agenda for the Council meeting on Thursday, October 21 also reflected this public hearing on “A local law adding chapter 78 to the village code entitled” Prohibition of cannabis “.

“The board of directors is expected to set the date of Thursday, November 4, 2021 for a public hearing to consider a proposed local law prohibiting the licensed sale of cannabis and / or on-site consumption sites within the village limits of Garden. City. If the Village passes this law, New York State will prohibit the establishment of any retail dispensaries and / or consumption sites on site by refusing to grant such a license within the Village, ”the statement read. Press.

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