Recreational cannabis is coming to Las Cruces; residents and traders have questions

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico – The Las Cruces city council room was packed with about 75 people, with 80 more watching via a Zoom conference call.

State officials spoke to residents and those interested in the marijuana industry.

Speakers answered questions on all types of marijuana-related topics, including water permits, safety, and even whether plant cloning is legal.

Robert Sachs, with New Mexico licenses and regulations specific to cannabis, explained transporting the plant, saying, “It will have to be grown in New Mexico, made in New Mexico, sold in New Mexico, and it cannot be moved. This also applies to consumers. They cannot buy cannabis and move it across state lines. “

Potential producer Christopher Baca told ABC-7, “There are a few unanswered questions, gray areas if you will, which we have tried to get questions and solidify the answers to.

Fighting veteran Victor Corral is concerned his involvement in the cannabis industry could affect his VA status, as marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

Corral said: “Of course I am, but we have to change the laws so that we can contribute to the industry.”

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