Soon a recreational cannabis store



BETHEL – The Stoned Moose, soon to be Bethel’s first recreational marijuana store, won board approval last week in a 4-1 vote with a disqualified board member.

Members Dwayne Bennett, Jim Bennett, Carolyn Dunn and Meryl Kelly were in favor, with Laurie Winsor opposed and Cherie Thurston challenged as she recently sold a property owned by Mike and Jodi Everett, who will operate The Stoned Moose.

Mike and Jodi, who already run Moosehead Farms, a medical marijuana store just off Route 2 on Sunday River Road, hope to open the new store by mid-August.

The Stoned Moose will be on the same property as Moosehead Farms, but in a different building, as the state says recreational and medical marijuana cannot be distributed from the same building.

Work on the building began this week with the pouring of the foundations. The building will have an area of ​​320 square feet.

Everett expects to get approval for a retail license at this week’s board meeting.

The store will have the same address as Moosehead Farms at 22 Sunday River Road, Bethel.


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