Sure Signs You Smoke Too Much Marijuana – Eat This, Not That


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as smoking too much marijuana. Not only can weed be addictive, smoking causes other negative health problems. Dr Ricardo Whyte, MD Section of Addiction Psychiatrists Head of Psychiatry Dignity Health Hospital explains, “You’re putting your lungs at risk. Smokers impair their lung function. This is another consideration that weed smokers should think about. He adds that smoking too much can be “something you compulsively do that has negative consequences.” So when is too much of a good thing? “Marijuana is a cannabinoid that contains psychoactive substances that have both good and bad effects. The good ones are mental stimulation, alternative thoughts, heightened sensations, and sometimes anticonvulsant / relaxing and antiemetic (antinausea) properties. While the good effects may outweigh the bad, it is a good idea to study the bad effects and be aware of them in order to properly weigh the good versus the bad, â€says, Dr Luc Palmisano MD, FACEP, CFL1 Assistant Medical Director: Emergency Department California Dignity Health Hospital and CrossFit Health Physician. Eat this, not that! Health spoke with specialists who have revealed signs that you are smoking too much marijuana. Read the 12 signs now-and to ensure your health and that of others, do not miss these Sure Signs You Have Ever Had COVID.


If you find yourself increasing your water bill by taking more hot baths and showers, you could have Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. Dr Micah Dickey, Medical Director Dignity Health Medical Group – Ventura explains, it is a condition where, “episodes of severe vomiting, nausea and abdomen occur, which are relieved by exposure to hot water.” Often patients complain of intermittent abdominal pain and I ask them if they are relieved by hot water. ask, “How much do you smoke and take a lot of hot showers?” »During episodes, vomiting may occur 6 to 8 times per hour. Usually, patients will have episodes of vomiting, sometimes several times per hour for 1 to 2 days. Hot showers relieve symptoms, stopping marijuana treats illness. “

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If you start to feel sick and experience various symptoms, explains Dr. Palmisano, “On that note, there are many non-pulmonary medical conditions that can be exacerbated by using marijuana: palpitations, anxiety, overeating, vomiting, pain. thoracic, pleurisy / lung Pain is among the most common. Keep in mind that today’s marijuana is like rocket fuel based on ’90s kush. The concentration of THC is thousands of times higher and can cause medical overdoses that were once considered impossible. with marijuana alone. . Heart attacks, arrhythmias, strokes, and trauma measure up to other more serious hard drugs. Any bad medical symptoms should prompt you to quit smoking. “

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Dr Luc Palmisano says, “While not much is wrong with THC or the different chemicals in marijuana, smoking whatever is bad for human lungs. Wheezing, COPD, chronic cough, shortness of breath, decreased exercise or activity limitations are some examples of where smoking should be stopped. “

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If you smoke weed every day and are unhappy with your current situation, Dr. Palmisano suggests quitting marijuana. “If you are stuck or unhappy with your life situation – unhappy with your job, legal problems, arrests, unpaid tickets, debt, bad relationships, estrangement from family, unstable living situation, psychiatric illness among any other problem that you may have. hold back from success in life – maybe now is the time to quit smoking marijuana Marijuana has been known to reduce enthusiasm for hard work (perhaps the heightened feeling of difficulty is to blame) and if you need a good fire lit under your butt, the marijuana isn’t going to help. “

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For men who smoke weed often or daily, beware of fertility issues, says Dr. Dickey. “Some studies have shown that smoking too much in men can reduce sperm production and impair sperm function. I had a patient who was trying to conceive for months and eventually the problem came from heavy use of marijuana interfering with her semen. He quit smoking and they were able to get pregnant. ”

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“Marijuana is well known to induce racing thoughts, paranoia, and can develop into a full-blown psychosis when presented to people with mental health issues. It exacerbates depression, anxiety and is seriously harmful for people with advanced forms of mental illness such as bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. â€, reveals Dr Palmisano.

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It is possible to smoke so much weed that a trip to the hospital is necessary. “If you had to go to the emergency room because you took too much marijuana, or if you visited an emergency room because of physical symptoms (palpitations, vomiting, paranoia, cough / wheezing) that occurred during or after smoking marijuana you have to stop. Not only is it a complete waste of emergency resources (think of the older patient with abdominal pain who cannot get to a bed because someone too high on marijuana is in bed throwing up and getting IV meds – this is called Marijuana Hyperemesis Syndrome and I see at night as an ER doctor) coming to the ER for basically drug overdose means you have a problem and you need to stop, â€says Dr Palmisano.

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A major sign that you smoke too much weed: legal issues. Dr Palmisano says, “If you’ve had a DUI from marijuana – it happens frequently – it’s time to quit. Although the laws have loosened and the use of marijuana is mostly legal, there are still rules. If smoking marijuana hinders your ability to follow the ground rules (like stopping at a stop sign, throwing your trash in the trash, using the crosswalk, etc.) then it’s time to go. ‘Stop. Keep in mind that even though marijuana is legal, as a human being you have a responsibility to your neighbors not to be a nuisance. “

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Smoking too much marijuana can cause paranoia, Dr Ricardo Whyte, MD Section of Addiction Psychiatrists Head of Psychiatry Dignity Health Hospital Explain. “The person may start to feel like people want to have them, look around to see if they are risking anything when everything is fine and they are thinking messy thoughts.”

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Dr Whyte says that a sign that you smoke too much is when you have “problems in your relationships, problems at work and people tell you that you smoke too much.” There can also be legal consequences because the way you can be arrested for drinking, you can be arrested for drunk driving. School can also be a struggle like your grade or a drop or you just don’t go to school. ”

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Another indication that you might smoke too much is self-sustaining thoughts, says Dr. Whyte. “Drugs have short term benefits, but in the long term they cause more problems than they solve. In the short term, people will say that weed relaxes them. But in his absence, they are more anxious. Alcohol is similar, but the withdrawals once you become addicted are severe. ”

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“Sometimes it can be uncomfortable when someone is harassing you about a problem and so you can start avoiding that person, however, it can go both ways. That person can start avoiding you,†he explains. Dr Whyte. “People don’t like to be judged and people don’t feel like they’re being judged. We like being around people we have things in common with. It’s only natural for the relationship to fray.” If you recognize any of these signs, get help, and to protect your life and the lives of others, do not visit any of these sites 35 places where you’re most likely to catch COVID.


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