Two clandestine greenhouses of 1,500 marijuana plants are dismantled in Murcia – CVBJ


10/30/2021 at 12:32 CEST


The Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has developed into The Torres de Cotillas operation ‘Biker’, which ended with himthe dismantling of a criminal group dedicated to the mass cultivation of marijuana.

La Benemérita dismantled two clandestine greenhouses that produced 1,500 cannabis plants and he seized all the effects related to the illicit activity clarified. In addition, he held six members of the group as alleged perpetrators of Public health crime, for the cultivation or production of drugs, and the crime of electricity fraud.

The proceedings began last September, when members of the Benemérita obtained evidence concerning two public establishments in Las Torres de Cotillas with drug trafficking.

The first stages of the operation allowed investigators to verify that the two workshops, supposedly dedicated to the repair of motorcycles, lacked commercial activity. The vehicles did not enter or leave the suspected workshops for repair. Only the suspects frequented them and stayed inside until the wee hours of the morning, always with the closed doors.

Once all the necessary evidence had been gathered, with prior judicial authorization, the civil guards proceeded to enter and register the industrial buildings, in which they found, camouflaged after the appearance of a workshop, several pieces made by hand. hand and equipped with sophisticated equipment lighting, heating, irrigation and ventilation equipment which constituted greenhouses for the massive cultivation of marijuana.

In these greenhouses, in addition to tools related to the illicit cultivation of drugs, the Civil Guard found 1,500 marijuana plants, most of a considerable size.

In addition, the existence of manipulation of the water and electricity supply was noted. These modifications, which gave rise to fraud, were carried out from inside the warehouse, burying the various conduits from the public highway to the interior.

One of the two industrial buildings had been modified inside and the main part was left with the appearance of a motorcycle workshop. The central part, in which the plantation is located, was hidden behind a wall and which was accessed via a hidden sliding door with wardrobe. At this location, another structure prepared and intended for the installation of another plantation similar to the one seized, which was to start in the coming days, was also located.

The operation resulted in the location and arrest of six members of the criminal group who, along with the drugs seized, the effects seized and the proceedings investigated, They were made available to the number of the investigating court of Molina de Segura.

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